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How Do I Find Meaning in Life?

One day, I felt my life had no meaning. From that moment, I decided to go on a quest. I had a new purpose: to find meaning. Today, I am here to help you cross your existential crisis by answering to your deepest question. My core mission is to answer anything you may ask. I also have a few posts like this one to support you.

Here are hints to help you live a meaningful life:

Acknowledge your Concerns

You are not alone. Finding meaning in life is a common concern. Maybe you lost (or never had) purpose in life. Acknowledge this lack of direction is the first step to get out of an existential crisis.

Reflect on your Experience

Reflecting on life experiences and meaningful events can be hard. Wherever you have been, there you were. Unitaurs – and humans – have the faculty of remembering, and recalling the past is not always pleasant. Despite difficulties, there is always space to learn from successes and challenges.

Define Who you Are

Defining who you are can be done by reflecting on your values, priorities, core beliefs, passions, interests, etc. It might gives you a sense of self-actualization. You do not have to do this alone and you do not have to find rock-solid answers. For example, not knowing is a valid answer to the question “who am I?”.

Do not Take Yourself too Seriously

I believe life makes more sense when we give ourselves time to play. When I take myself too seriously, I sometimes feel disconnected from the world and other beings. I also get a lot of relief when I remember that I am not at the center of anything. I am not at the center of any universe. Just part of a bigger thing.

Ultimately, finding meaning in life is a personal journey. What brings meaning and purpose to you may be different from what brings meaning to me. Welcome things as they surface. Explore. Do not refrain yourself from seeking help and support from others and from therapists. Unitaurs are not therapists.